PhD-Program Biology

We offer supervision of internationally competitive PhD theses in a variety of research fields. All topics are directly related to our ongoing research. The common framework of obtaining a PhD includes an entry phase, a research phase, and a final phase. 


Typical activities during a PhD thesis project

More Information on Doctoral Studies in Natural Sciences and in the Field of Life Sciences
(Biology PhD 794 685 437):

General Information


Study Service Center Life Sciences

Study Program Director (Life Sciences) SPL 47
Walter Jäger
Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Diagnostic
Room 2E450, UZA II, Althanstr. 14, 1090 Vienna 

Deputy Study Progam Director (Biology) DSPL 47
Monika Bright
Department of Limnology and Bio-Oceanography
Room 3.123, UZA I, Althanstr. 14, 1090 Vienna