Stream Biogeochemistry

Jakob Schelker

Streams connect the terrestrial ecosystem with the global oceans. Our research concerns the biogeochemical transformations that take place along this journey. Specifically we try to understand the fundamental mechanisms of transport and biogeochemical cycling of solutes, such as carbon, nutrients and metals in fluvial ecosystems.

We are combining experimental work at different spatial scales with field surveys and process-based modelling approaches. Our inferred understanding may also be used to evaluate risks for the functioning and health of stream ecosystems that originate from anthropogenic perturbations, such as climate and/or land-use change.



Ybbs River Network (YRN)

Lunz am See, Austria



Lunzer Rinnen Experimetal Flumes

Lunz am See

Measurement of CO2 emissions during winter, Lake Lunz

Lunz am See