Fish Ecology

Hubert Keckeis

We study fish ecology in rivers by undertaking experiments in the laboratory and in the field. The main topics are spatial and temporal distribution patterns, (early) life‐history, reproduction, dispersal and migration, biodiversity and habitat use of fish assemblages and single species. Applied methodologies are standard fisheries techniques (active and passive) and high frequency multi‐beam sonar.




Newly hatched larvae of 

Chondrostoma nasus

Age 2 days after hatching, cultured in the lab




Looking under the surface: Processing of a fish sample during a field course. Fish are sampled via electro-fishing and after examination the animals are released back into the river.





Near-natural shore of the main stream of the free-flowing Danube east of Vienna after inshore restoration measures.

The effects of these measures on the diversity, and structure of the fish assemblage are investigated.