Benthic Communities & Bioindication

Johann Waringer

We explore ecosystem structure and functioning in streams and floodplain waters and biodiversity of aquatic invertebrates in space and time. Another important aspect, both in the field and the lab, is autecological research which is crucial for defining species traits and for fully using the bioindication potential of aquatic biota. Taxonomy is a prerequisite for this work and another key research field of the lab. 






Mayfly larva

(Ephemera danica)




Shore of the Danube near Austrian border






Simuliidae larva





(Agapetus episkopi)




Distance matrix and colour heat map

Showing inter- and intraspecific p-distances of the partial mtCOI sequence (541 bp) between Drusus crenophylax sp. n., D. vernonensis and D. discophorus.

(Vitecek et al., ZooKeys 496: 85–103).