Our Structure

The Department of Limnology and Bio-Oceanography unites six different research labs. Their research focuses on the following fields: Fish Ecology, Benthic Communities & Bioindication, Phycology, Stream Biogeochemistry, Biological Oceanography and Marine Benthic Ecology. The department also participates in two Key Research Areas of the Faculty of Life Sciences - Microbial Ecology and Ecosystems and Symbiosis.

Benthic Communities & Bioindication

We explore ecosystem structure and functioning in streams and floodplain waters...



Around 50% of atmospheric oxygen originates from algae.


Fish Ecology

We study fish ecology in rivers by undertaking experiments in the laboratory and in the field.


Stream Biogeochemistry

Streams connect the land to the oceans. Our research concerns the biogeochemical transformations that take place along this journey…


Microbial Oceanography

We focus on deciphering the metabolic activity of Bacteria and Archaea thriving in the open ocean …


Marine Benthic Ecology

Chemosynthesis thrives in a variety of marine benthic ecosystems at all depths of the oceans.