Department of Limnology and Biological Oceanography


Seminars of the Division of Limnology are weekly on MONDAY starting 13:00 s.t. Seminar Room Limnology


Seminar Program Limnology Summer 2017


Seminars of the Division of Bio-Oceanography and Marine Biology  are on TUESDAY 11.00 s.t. Seminar Room Marine Biology


Seminar Program Oceanography Winter 2016



Margalef Lecture Series in Limnology and Oceanography


Ramon Margalef (1919-2004) was one of the founding fathers of modern ecology. His contributions have been extremely fertile in fields as diverse as limnology, oceanography, and theoretical ecology. The "Margalef Lecture Series in Limnology and Oceanography" was conceived to impart knowledge from limnology, oceanography and ecology to students and researchers.


Upcoming lectures will be announced.