Department of Limnology and Biological Oceanography

Stream Biofilm and Biogeochemistry


Dr. Jakob Schelker

Althanstrasse 14
A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Room: 3.106

Phone: +43-1-4277-76427

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The 'Stream Biofilm and Biogeochemistry' lab was formed from the former 'Biofilm and Stream Ecosystems' lab that was headed by Prof. Tom Battin. The lab is now lead by Dr. Jakob Schelker to continue and advance the earlier work.


Our main focus is basic research on microbial biofilms and the biogeochemistry of stream ecosystems. Specifically, we investigate how biofilms control key ecosystem processes in stream ecosystems and how they contribute to carbon and solute fluxes from the local to the global scale. We combine experimental work and field surveys with ecological theory to gain mechanistic understanding of the coupled physical, chemical and biological processes that make biofilms so important players in stream ecosystems.