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A proposed route for studying „Limnology“


Within the master's programme „Ecology and Ecosystems (MEC)“, the disciplines limnology and freshwater biology are well covered and you can choose between several options. Please find below a list of recommended lectures. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: for lectures at other universities such as the Boku (see below), you need to register officially („Mitbeleger-status“). For detailed information and important deadlines please refer to the respective university homepages.

Here is a general overview of the MEC-program (each field includes a single semester):

MEC1 to 5 should be done within the first semester, MEC 6 to 8 within the 2nd term. Please be aware that for MEC 8, the modules MEC 4 and 5 are required. MEC 8 can be seen as an introduction into topics of your master thesis. It is possible to start with MEC 9 courses already at the beginning of the MEC program. The master thesis should be started in semester 3 at the earliest.


Taking a closer look


MEC-1 Evolutionary and ecological foundations of biodiversity (5ECTS): provides fundamental general information; there are no selection options.


MEC-2 Ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry (5ECTS): provides fundamental general information for all disciplines; there are no selection options.


MEC-3 Biodiversity and ecosystems (5ECTS): seminar; various topics are covered and also limnologists are involved


MEC-4 Introduction to biodiversity or ecosystem research (5ECTS): Introduction to lab and field work. Experts offer various topics including limnological areas and you can choose between them. The topics vary from semester to semester.


MEC-5 Experimental design and data analysis (10ECTS): lecture and computer work. Lectures with limnological content:

300325 UE Multivariate statistical methods in ecology (3 ECTS)

300452 VO Multivariate statistical methods in ecology (2 ECTS)


MEC-6 Techniques in biodiversity research (10ECTS): lab and/or field work. Lectures with limnological content:

300295 UE Field course "Biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems" (10 ECTS)


MEC-7 Techniques in biogeochemistry and ecosystem research (10ECTS): lab and/or field work. Lectures with limnological content will be announced for the winter term 2017


MEC-8 Specific research project (10ECTS) – lab and/or field work. Experts offer various topics including limnological areas and you can choose between them. The topics vary from semester to semester.


MEC-9 (30 ECTS): Individual specialization. Recommended lectures/courses from the University of Vienna are listed below. In addition, there exist also the possibility to attend specific lectures at the BOKU – University, which complement the range of courses offered at our university. Please be aware that you have to register at the Boku (Mitbeleger-Status) for recognizing the BOKU courses.


University of Vienna (summer term 2017)

300005 UE Biogeochemie von Bächen und Seen - Einführung in die Methoden zur Bestimmung von Metabolismus und Nährstoffdynamik in Bächen und Seen.


300042 VO Europäische Wasserrahmen- & Habitatrichtlinie &europäische Normen unter Bezug zur Gewässervegetation - Grundlagen zur Erfassung des ökologischen Zustands von EU Gewässern


300058 VO Produktionsbiologie - Produktionsbiologie in aquatischen Systemen


300141 VO Aspekte der limnischen Bioindikation - Methoden der Gewässerbewertung


300152 UE Digital Illustration for Biologists


300165 UE Ökologie und Systematik der Süßwasseralgen


300171 UE Verfassen wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten


300218 UE Rasterelektronenmikroskopie - Techniken und Präparationen für Biologen


300244 UE Praktikum Fischökologie für Fortgeschrittene


300374 UE EU Wasserrahmenrichtlinie: Einführung in die Kartierung der Gewässervegetation - Praxisbezug


300387 UE Biodiversity of Stream Ecosystems


300466 UE+EX Rotifers from Europe


300659 SE Limnology Seminar - Current research and ecological concepts - Current research and ecological concepts


Recommended Boku courses with limnological aspects (summer term 2017) - See below and on this PDF

812360  Ecology, restoration and conservation of aquatic and riparian vegetation


812371  GIS in riverscape planning


812372  Fish passes and continuity


812374  Environmental history of aquatic systems


812376  Fish parasitology and pathology


812378  Fish farming and aquaculture


812381  Aquatic habitat modeling


812350   Applications in river landscape management



Master Thesis and defence = 30 ECTS


Further information


Instructions for UniVie students to obtain information on BOKU courses and to register for BOKU courses

(1) Open BOKUonline

(2) Go to the "Search / Suche" field in the upper right corner of the webpage and select "Course / Lehrveranstaltung"

(3) Put the name of the course of your interest in into the field "Search term / Suchbegriff"


How to register for BOKU courses

(1) Students who are registered at BOKU already (ordentlicher / regular student, ausserordentlicher Student,  "Mitbeleger / co-registration" can register directly via BOKUonline

(2a) Students who are not registered at BOKU already, please contact the course coordinator at BOKU via e-mail for being pre-registered for the course of your interest (please find the e-mail of the course coordinator in the excel file)

(2b) After pre-registration via the course coordinators, students register officially via the BOKU Study Servies Unit  until April 30th 2017 as  "Mitbelegung / co-registration", "regular student", "ausserordentlicher Hoerer" (Instruction via: here and here)

(3) Once students are officially registered at BOKU, please contact the course coordinator again so that he/she will do the final registration via BOKUonline



(1) All pre-registrations are checked by the course coordinators and the course coordinators will respond to the applicants

(2) Please check on the date of the first course unit (check excel file and/or BOKUonline to obtain course dates) and pre-register before the first course unit / Vorbesprechung! In any case - even when the first course unit is given after 30th of April 2017 - all course pre-registrations and the university registration must be done before April 30th 2017!

(3) Only students who register at BOKU, can participate in BOKU courses. Please note - registration as student/Mitbeleger (co-registration) at the BOKU study-services unit is only possible till April 30th 2017

(4) Instruction for "Mitbelegung / co-registration" at BOKU


MEC overview


For questions concerning limnology or freshwater biology please contact Michael Schagerl.


For detailed information on lectures please visit the course directory and/or contact the lecturers.