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news from the Department of Limnology and Bio-Oceanography:

Outstanding Editor Award for the journal Biogeosciences to Gerhard J. Herndl


Gerhard J. Herndl receives the First Outstanding Editor Award for the journal Biogeosciences.

Message from Biogeosciences:  Gerhard has handled 37 manuscripts last year. Not only has he handled the biggest load among all of us last year, he has done so with admirable efficiency and effectiveness. Despite his heavy work load, Gerhard didn't miss a decision deadline and he seems to apply the right personal touch when motivating reviewers to provide their assessment and to do so on time. The official EGU certificate recognizing his contributions will be presented to Gerhard at the 2016 EGU meeting. 

Congratulations to Prof. Ott on receiving the ‘Goldenes Verdienstzeichen'


Prof. Jörg Ott, former head of the Department of Marine Biology, was awarded with the highly honored ‘Goldenes Verdienstzeichen des Landes Wien' on April 16, 2015. The presentation of the medal and the celebration took place in the presence of the major of Vienna, Dr. Michael Häupl, at the town hall of Vienna on April, 16, 2015.

More on the ceremony can be found here.

One of the Thousand


on April 16th, 2015 Julia Klose was ‘One of the Thousand' at the 650 Year Anniversary Concert of the University of Vienna playing Gustav Mahlers Symphonie Nr. 8.


From the lab coat to the running shirt - Vom Laborkittel ins Laufshirt


LimBO runners are on track, as the uni:view magazine reports. Read more here.

Seminar series Program online


The new program for the spring seminar series 2015 is online.


More information can be found here.

The dissolved organic carbon soup of the deep ocean isn’t too refractory for microbes it’s too thin.


This is the conclusion of a recent study published in Science on deep-water dissolved organic carbon utilization by heterotrophic microbes. The major part of the study was performed during the MEDEA cruise in the North Atlantic in the frame of the ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Gerhard J. Herndl.


Arrieta, J.M., E Mayol, R.L. Hansman, G.J. Herndl, T. Dittmar, C.M. Duarte: Dilution limits dissolved organic carbon utilization in the deep ocean. Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1258955. Link.

Position for a full Professor of Limnology open at the department


The The Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna is opening a position for a  Full Professor (Chair) of Limnology. For more information please follow the link to the official announcement.



The Faculty Research Focus Symbiosis will hold the next workshop at the seminar room DOME, April, 17, 2015. A flyer can be found here.


Registration deadline is March 27. Please register by email to Andrea Nussbaumer.



A study authored by Anna Sieczko, Maria Maschek and Prof. Peter Peduzzi on the fate of organic matter in Danube floodplains has been published in the journal 'Frontiers in Microbiology'. Please visit the link to the journal.


Two new species of caddisflies identified


A study Co-authored by Simon Vitecek and Prof. Johann Waringer identified two new endemic species from the Western Balkans by means of comparative morphology and molecular methods. The study is published in the journal 'Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny'. Read and download the article here.


Master Thesis of Irene Teubner awarded as 'best Masters' by Springer


The Master thesis of Irene Teubner entiteld 'Viruses in the Danube Floodplains', supervised by Prof. Peter Peduzzi was selected for the 'Best Masters' series by Springer.


See more on the Springer website (in German).

Guest Lecture by Paul del Giorgio, University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada

Title: The taxonomic and functional biogeography of bacterial communities across boreal aquatic networks.

December 2nd, 2014, 12:00 pm (noon), Lecture Hall 5, UZA II, Althanstrasse 14.


You may also download the flyer as a pdf file.

De Bary Lecture by Christoph Hauert, University of British Columbia

the 'Research Focus Symbiosis' presents a De Bary Lecture by

Christoph Hauert, University of British Columbia, Canada with the
title: "Dynamics of Social Dilemmas: An evolutionary game theory perspective".

December 2, 1014 16.00 s.t., Seminar Room Limnology


Seminar series Program online


The new program for the fall seminar series 2014 is online.


More information can be found here.

Article Unifying River Ecosystem Concepts published in BioScience


A new article that unifies river ecosystem concepts has been published in the journal Bioscience. Title: "The River Wave Concept: Integrating River Ecosystem Models".


Link to journal article: